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Why everyone should watch this film

This is the final and only trailer from the previous two that truly represents the complexity and originality of our film.

We’ve tried to lure you in with the relationship and the game playing in their marriage and then hit you with the reality of who they are. Since this isn’t a trailer to invite you to go to the movies and watch it, we felt free and even obliged to give you the clues hidden in the film beforehand. You know more than the public does because I have on purpose spelt out the metaphors (not all of them). I’ve done that because I want you to see how current and important the film is. Yet, I have not told you what the story is and how it ends, keeping the suspense going.

The story of Marriage is absolutely shocking. It’s provocative and its real, like real life. It will make you laugh, cry and get angry, but also realise the power (we) people really hold over corporations and institutions yet we are perhaps too wary to admit it.

The trailer gives an idea of the production value of this film. It didn’t come easy. There was a lot of waiting - waiting for seasons, poppy fields, rape fields, warm sea, autumn leaves, countless drives to the Botany bay to time-lapse sunrise and sunset, hundreds of overnight hours sweating in Nuke and Premiere, not to mention the bribes getting the weather on our side for continuity. It all worked in the end and this trailer shows some of the degree of passion and dedication to get this film finished.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

The full film will be complete soon.

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