• til debt do us part
  • til debt do us part

The green screen will be transformed into stunning views The green screen will be transformed into stunning views Creating their stunning apartment Marriage is a feature-length thriller about the world's financial crisis seen though the allegory of a crumbling marriage.

Taking place across one, unpredictable night ten years in length, the main characters are Europe (the wife) and the Economy (the husband) held captive within their boom-and-bust relationship. In the wings are the couple's children, friends, neighbours and colleagues, who play the symbolic roles of sovereign states and corrupt politicians.

The film is personal and global and can be enjoyed in two levels.

It's not easy being Europe It's not easy being Europe Woman in love At a voyeuristic level the film peers into the bedroom of a high-maintenance couple as they explore their boundaries. At a deeper political level, every action and word in the film reflects the social and financial meltdown of recent years.

Entertaining yet subtle, this intimate, character-driven feature, offers some astonishing performances that will resonate with anyone who has even been in love, in lust or in debt.

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